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Classic In Its Current Form

Clear contrast, faceted framed doors, and symmetrical furniture arrangements are classic interior design concepts that SieMatic has given a completely new, modern spin with matte black wall cabinets and stainless steel countertop and side panels elegantly enveloping the island.

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Perfectly Hidden

Behind the smooth door fronts of this row of cabinets are many hidden functions: a handy little tea and coffee station, to the left is a spacious refrigerator, and on the right a freezer and pantry. The pocket doors which slide out of the side to reveal the tea and coffee station are available in all SieMatic materials and colors.

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Give Your Kitchen a Touch of Luster

SieMatic offers a wide selection of elements whose attractive metallic hues lend a special luster to the design of a CLASSIC kitchen. Whether faceted drawers, shelves, glass cabinet doors, or handles; whether glossy, silky matte, or brushed; whether in stainless steel, gold bronze, nickel, or black – at SieMatic, you will find an enormous spectrum to make your ideas shine.

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